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Deewane [2000 €? FLAC]

Thank You Samyoo for providing link of "Asha Bhosle [FLAC-Compilation-DDR]" - !DMJyRQgS!SVSOGWvSmHwr8BLLPCVLEw. I was searching for the song "Chotisi Si Kahani Se" from Ijazat in these flac files. But could not find the same. I think it must be available in some other file. Dear Samyoo, If you came across this song please post the same in format.Thanks a lot.

Deewane [2000 – FLAC]

Download Zip:

Amrit bro .Sorry i dont have farishtay flac at the moment.i got sailaab flac from a friend of mine for sushil bro..if i ever get it i will upload it for you.sorry for the inconvenieance at the moment.Regdz.Inam

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