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Cara Download Ultraman Z (Zett) (2020) Sub Indo dengan Mudah dan Cepat

Download Ultraman Z Sub Indo: How to Watch the Latest Ultra Series Online

If you are a fan of tokusatsu, kaiju, or sci-fi, you might have heard of Ultraman Z, the latest entry in the long-running Ultra Series. This show features a new hero, Ultraman Z, who fights against monsters and aliens with the help of his human partner and mentor, Ultraman Zero. But how can you watch this show online with Indonesian subtitles? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ultraman Z and how to download it sub indo.

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What is Ultraman Z?

Ultraman Z is a Japanese tokusatsu drama produced by Tsuburaya Productions. It is the 32nd entry to the Ultra Series and the eighth entry to the New Generation Hero lineup, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Ultraman Zero. It premiered on TV Tokyo on June 20, 2020 and ended on December 19, 2020 with 25 episodes. On April 8, 2023, an English dub was released on the official Ultraman YouTube channel, with new episodes uploaded every Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm JST.

The plot of Ultraman Z

The story of Ultraman Z follows the adventures of Z, a young and hot-blooded Ultra Warrior who idolizes Ultraman Zero, a legendary hero and his mentor. Z joins the Inter-Galactic Defense Force and trains under Zero to become a fully-fledged hero. However, their mission is interrupted by Celebro, a mysterious alien who steals several Ultra Medals and Devil Splinters, powerful artifacts that can turn monsters into berserkers.

Z and Zero chase Celebro to Earth, where they encounter Genegarg, a space monster infected by a Devil Splinter. Zero is injured in the battle and entrusts Z with his mission and his device, the Z Riser. Z bonds with Haruki Natsukawa, a member of STORAGE, a special organization that protects Earth from monster attacks. Together, they use the Z Riser and the Ultra Medals to transform into various forms and fight against Celebro's schemes.

The characters of Ultraman Z

The main characters of Ultraman Z are:

  • Z: The titular hero and Zero's disciple. He is voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka in Japanese and Matt Shipman in English.

  • Haruki Natsukawa: A human pilot who works for STORAGE and becomes Z's host. He is played by Kohshu Hirano.

  • Ultraman Zero: A legendary hero and Z's mentor. He is voiced by Mamoru Miyano in Japanese and Peter Von Gomm in English.

  • Celebro: The main antagonist and a parasitic alien who seeks to harness the power of Ultra Medals and Devil Splinters. He is voiced by Katsumi Fukuhara in Japanese and unknown in English.

STORAGE: A special organization that defends Earth from monster attacks using giant robots called Special Weapons. The members of STORAGE are:

  • Kojiro Inaba: The captain of STORAGE and a veteran pilot. He is played by Rima Matsuda.

  • Yoko Nakashima: The sub-captain of STORAGE and a skilled pilot. She is played by Hikari Kuroki.

  • Shota Hebikura: The leader of the anti-monster unit and a secret agent of the Space Defense Force. He is played by Takaya Aoyagi.

  • Yuka Ohta: The mechanic of STORAGE and a genius inventor. She is played by Rihito Noda.

  • Kai Matsumoto: The operator of STORAGE and a cheerful communicator. He is played by Jun Hashizume.

The forms and abilities of Ultraman Z

Ultraman Z can transform into different forms by using the Z Riser and the Ultra Medals, which are based on the powers of previous Ultra Warriors. The forms and abilities of Ultraman Z are:

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Z Alpha Edge

Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Leo

A balanced form that specializes in martial arts and swordsmanship.

Z Beta Smash

Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Tiga

A power form that excels in physical strength and wrestling techniques.

Z Gamma Future

Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman X, Ultraman Orb

A speed form that utilizes light energy and projection attacks.

Z Delta Rise Claw

Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Belial, Ultraman Geed

A fusion form that combines the light and darkness of Zero and Belial.

Z Original


Z's true form that unleashes his full potential and original techniques.

Why should you watch Ultraman Z?

If you are still not convinced to watch Ultraman Z, here are some reasons why you should give it a try:

It celebrates the 10th anniversary of Ultraman Zero

Ultraman Zero is one of the most popular and iconic heroes in the Ultra Series, who debuted in 2009 in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie. Since then, he has appeared in many movies, shows, and spin-offs, becoming a mentor and a friend to many other Ultras. Ultraman Z marks his 10th anniversary as a hero and pays tribute to his legacy and achievements. You can see how Zero has grown from a reckless rookie to a wise master, and how he passes on his skills and values to Z.

It features guest appearances from other Ultras

Ultraman Z is not only about Z and Zero, but also about other Ultras who have appeared in the previous series. You can see some familiar faces such as Ultraman Geed, Ultraman Orb, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, Ultraman X, Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Titas, and Ultraman Fuma. They all have their own roles and interactions with Z and Zero, adding more diversity and fun to the show. You can also see some new Ultras such as Ultrawoman Grigio, Ultraman Zoffy, and Ultraman 80.

It has exciting action scenes and special effects

One of the main attractions of the Ultra Series is the action scenes where the Ultras fight against monsters and aliens using their signature moves and weapons. Ultraman Z does not disappoint in this aspect, as it delivers some of the most thrilling and spectacular battles in the history of the franchise. You can see Z use his various forms and abilities to combat different enemies, such as Genegarg, Barossa, Neronga, Telesdon, Maga-Orochi, Five King, Greeza, Destrudos, Bullton, Pedanium Zetton, Zeppandon, Tri-King, Bemular (Empowered), Alien Barossa (Brothers), Alien Barossa (Mother), Alien Shaplay (Grimdo), Celebro (Gomess), Celebro (Peguila), Celebro (Gan Q), Celebro (King Joe), Celebro (Red King), Celebro (Gub la), Celebro (Zandrias), and Celebro (Gomora). The special effects are also impressive, as they create a realistic and immersive atmosphere for the viewers. You can see the details and textures of the monsters, the sparks and explosions of the attacks, and the transformations and expressions of the Ultras.

It has a humorous and heartwarming story

Ultraman Z is not only about action, but also about comedy and drama. The show has a lot of humorous moments that will make you laugh, such as Z's enthusiasm and clumsiness, Haruki's reactions and expressions, Yuka's inventions and experiments, Hebikura's secrets and jokes, Celebro's disguises and plans, and the interactions between the characters. The show also has a lot of heartwarming moments that will make you cry, such as Z's friendship and loyalty to Haruki, Zero's trust and pride in Z, Haruki's courage and determination to protect Earth, STORAGE's teamwork and camaraderie, Z's respect and gratitude to other Ultras, and the messages and themes of the show.

How to download Ultraman Z sub indo?

If you want to watch Ultraman Z with Indonesian subtitles, you have two options: the official sources or the unofficial sources. The official sources are authorized by Tsuburaya Productions and provide legal and safe ways to watch the show. The unofficial sources are not authorized by Tsuburaya Productions and may involve illegal and risky ways to watch the show. Here are some of the pros and cons of each option:

The official sources of Ultraman Z sub indo

Tsuburaya Productions YouTube channel

The easiest and most convenient way to watch Ultraman Z sub indo is to visit the official YouTube channel of Tsuburaya Productions. This channel uploads new episodes of Ultraman Z every Saturday at 9 am JST with English subtitles. You can also turn on the auto-translate feature to get Indonesian subtitles. However, this feature may not be accurate or reliable. The episodes are available for free for two weeks after their premiere, after which they are removed from the c

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