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Where Can I Buy Wall Stencils For Painting

View Stencil Willow Arch Wall Stencil $49.45 Add to Cart Add to Compare View Stencil Deco Palm Wall Stencil $48.35 Add to Cart Add to Compare View Stencil Star Tile Stencil From $13.15 Add to Cart Add to Compare View Stencil Tea House Trellis Wall Stencil $46.15 Add to Cart Add to Compare View Stencil Beads Allover Stencil $50.55 Add to Cart Add to Compare View Stencil Chinese Ginkgo Stencil From $24.15 Add to Cart Add to Compare View Stencil Birch Forest Allover Stencil $75.85 Add to Cart Add to Compare View Stencil Budding Clematis Stencil kit - 5-piece $116.55 Add to Cart Add to Compare .category-wall-stencils .products-grid .product-item-info:hover .product-item-inner, .products-grid .product-item-inner display: none; .category-wall-stencils .view-stencils position: absolute; .category-wall-stencils img.product-image-photo position: relative;

where can i buy wall stencils for painting

Shop our beautiful selection of wall stencils including Farmhouse wall stencil templates, modern and geometric wall stencils, whimsical floral wall stencil templates and elegant damask wall stencil templates.

Paint your own wallpaper with Wall Stencil TemplatesWall stencil templates are the ultimate DIY home improvement hack. Whether you are decorating your new home or doing a DIY room makeover, wall stencils are the perfect tool for DIY wall painting projects. You can paint beautiful, artistic designs on your walls, ceilings, floors, fabric, curtains and more with wall painting stencil templates. Our beautiful selection of wall stencil templates are easy to use, reusable and budget-friendly, so that you can paint your dream home without breaking your budget.

A wall stencil is a thin sheet of material with an artistic design or pattern cut out. You can think of them as wallpaper stencils. To stencil a wall, the wall stencil template is placed on the wall and then paint is applied over the stencil pattern cutouts. When the stencil template is removed from the wall, the stenciled image remains. (Not to confuse you, but technically the stencil tool and the stenciled image are both called "Stencils".)

Wall stencils are an affordable wallpaper alternative. Unlike wallpaper, wall stencils won't damage your walls or cost a fortune. Our wall art stencils are also reusable, so you can paint your walls with the same stencil pattern as many times as you like. Like the look of cement tile? You can create the illusion of different textures, like a brick wall or tiled backsplash with DIY wall painting stencils for a fraction of the cost of real tile. And best of all, your stenciled walls will be unique, hand painted DIY home décor you stenciled yourself.

The difference between a wall decal and a wall stencil is that a wall decal is a large wall sticker while a wall stencil is a non-damaging wall painting template. There are several advantages of a wall stencil over a wall decal. For one thing, wall stencils last longer than wall decals. You also have more opportunities to personalize your home décor with a wall stencil than a wall decal. Because you are painting your walls with a wall stencil, you can choose the paint color(s) and the paint saturation you stencil with. A wall stenciled in bold colors will feel very different than a wall stenciled in subtle, neutral tones. Even if the same stencil template is used, each stenciled wall is unique.

At Oak Lane Studio, we pride ourselves in crafting affordable, professional quality home décor wall painting stencils with cutting edge stencil technology. Our wall stencils are laser-cut from high quality 10 mil Mylar and are designed to be easy to use and reusable. All our wall stencils are manufactured in the USA.

Our wall stencils come in a large array of patterns, décor styles and sizes. Many of our wall painting stencils come in multiple sizes. You can choose between a regular sized wall stencil, a large wall stencil or a small wall stencil to meet your DIY project needs.

We make sure our wall stencils are always design forward and we are constantly designing new wall stencil patterns based on the latest home décor trends. However, as long time home décor experts, we know that the best décor styles never age. Even our most trendy wall stencil patterns are inspired by timeless home décor patterns that are always stylish. Shop our large selection of stunning home décor wall painting stencils today.

We also make custom stencils. You can submit your custom stencil design to us, or use our Custom Stencil Designer tool to design your own stencil. Our wall stencils are made to order. If there is a wall stencil pattern you want in a different size or to meet specific dimensions, we can do that to! Contact us with your custom stencil requests.

At Oak Lane Studio, our wall stencils are designed to make it easy to stencil repeating patterns all over your walls. You only need one wall stencil template to paint your entire room with your favorite stencil design by repositioning the wall stencil template across your walls. You can learn how to stencil from ceiling to floor in our How to Stencil Repeating Patterns tutorial. This easy stenciling technique can be done on a variety of DIY projects, including wall stenciling, floor stenciling, curtain stenciling, and furniture stenciling.

There are countless ways you can personalize your home décor with wall stencils. You can paint any wall stencil pattern you like in any paint color you like. Because you are hand painting your walls, you can also choose how dark or light to stencil the paint colors. This helps you to create the specific décor look you want. If you want a subtle wall stencil pattern, stencil fewer layers of paint. If you want a boldly colored wall pattern, stencil more layers of paint. You can learn more stenciling techniques in our How to Stencil tutorials. If you don't want a floor to ceiling stenciled wall, you can also stencil smaller accents. Stenciled borders or corner accents can make a room more interesting without looking busy. Border wall stencils and corner accent wall stencils are a really simple way to add pops of color to your home. You can stencil a border trim on stair risers or along crown molding.

Wall stencils are an inexpensive way of upgrading old rooms. You can decorate a nursery with a mural stencil or stencil glow in the dark stars on your kid's ceiling. Want to makeover your teen's old room? Stencil a new wall stencil pattern to give your teenager a fresh start in their childhood bedroom.

Wall painting stencils are also incredibly versatile. You can use wall painting stencils to stencil your walls, floors, ceilings, and even upcycled furniture or fabric. Wall stencils are a great way to upcycle well loved furniture or fabrics. You can stencil old tables and dressers to hide scuff marks, water marks and scratches. You can hand paint stunning shower curtains and even upholstery with a wall stencil template, or turn a plain Ikea lampshade into an exquisitely hand painted lamp. Wall stencils are a fantastic, inexpensive way to upgrade your home décor.

Despite the name, wall painting stencil templates aren't just for walls. You can use the same wall stencil template to stencil your walls, stencil upcycled furniture, stencil on fabric and so much more! You can stencil a faux tile kitchen backsplash with wall painting stencils, or stencil a curtain (stenciling is a great, easy way to hide curtain stains). You can cover up watermarks and table scratches by stenciling your table. Our wall stencil templates are reusable, washable and make stenciling your home so easy.

No matter what home décor style you are fond of, there is a wall stencil pattern for you. Painting your walls with classic argyle, striped or plaid stencil patterns in subtle, neutral tones are the perfect way to create DIY farmhouse style décor. Our Cornelius wall painting stencil template is a simple, geometric farmhouse wall stencil pattern that never ages. Or you could stencil your walls with this timeless Gingham striped wall stencil pattern.

If you want to make a small apartment or room feel bigger, try stenciling vertical lines on your walls, curtains or even a dresser or chest of drawers. Striped walls are a great way of making a small room feel bigger, and our Linen Stripes wall painting stencil with thick and thin stripes can make your room feel longer and breezy. Stenciled curtains, especially floor length curtains is another way you can make a small room feel bigger.

Our stencils are washable and reusable! With a little bit of care, you can use the same stencil pattern again and again. After you finish your stencil project, clean the stencil template before the paint dries so that you can reuse your stencil later. Cleaning our stencil templates is really easy. How you clean your wall stencil template will depend on what type of paint you used.

There are endless ways you can personalize your home décor with stencil templates. You can stencil and paint your walls in any color, or even multiple colors. You can stencil a monogram on your walls, or a bohemian style wall art mandala. You can stencil brightly colored walls, or paint your walls in a subtle, understated pattern to create a rustic feel. With wall stencils, you are an artist and your home is your canvas.

I did something a little different where my stencil hit the ceiling and the tile on my wall. I actually waited to do these areas until I was done doing all of my other stenciling and then I cut my stencil (I used a yardstick to draw a straight line on it and then just cut it with scissors). I put a line of painters tape at the ceiling, taped the stencil down as usual and used a combination of my stenciling roller and brush. Sooo much easier than trying to work with a full stencil! 041b061a72

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