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Priya initially refuses on knowing about Vijay's agreement. However, she is the sole breadwinner of her family. She has an elder sister who needs to undergo a heart surgery, a younger sister who needs to get married, and a younger brother, Shankar, who is unemployed. So she decides to sacrifice her life and marry Vijay, accepting the conditions of his marriage agreement, for the sake of her family. Vijay and Priya become good friends after marriage, however, Vijay refuses to consider Priya as his wife. On Priya's insistence, Vijay decides to work in his father's office, where he gets to know about the money siphoning made by his office employees Manohar, who is an associate of Vijay, and 7 Times, Priya's crude and uncouth uncle who lusts for her. He dismisses them and lodges a police complaint against them. In retribution, Manohar and 7 Times orchestrate a car accident, severely injuring Vijay. Priya takes good care of Vijay and Vijay soon recovers.

family brother sister mother_ C6.mp4

In the Czech Republic, Venky and Varun are apprehended by Police for abusing two women. Interrogated by Indian Embassy official Vishwanath, Venky and Varun reveal that the women who filed a case against them are his wife and girlfriend respectively much to Vishwanath's surprise. Curious, Vishwanath asks them about their past. Venky was an orphan with high dreams about marriage and works as PA to MLA Anji Reddy but earns handsomely. Through a marriage bureau, Venky happened to meet Harika, a software engineer who lives with her parents, sister Honey, paternal and maternal grandmothers Ganga and Manga. Happy that Venky is an orphan and since Harika would not have any problem with in-laws that women generally face, the family accepted for marriage. Venky and Harika marry happily. However, they began to have arguments over petty issues and Venky began to feel tormented. Their neighbor Prasad, who showcased his love for his wife publicly added up to Harika's jealousy and Venky's problems. Unable to live in a hostel, Honey began to live with Harika and Venky and created problems between them when Venky tried to tell Harika that Honey has a boyfriend.

Venky, Varun, and Prasad enjoyed their lives in Europe. One day, Honey and Harika saw them in Europe and requested them to come back but they mocked and insulted them. Honey and Harika left the place cursing them. Venky, Varun, and Prasad gatecrashed a party hosted by influential businessman Dora Swamy Naidu on the occasion of his sons' fixed marriages. Venky and Varun were stunned to know that Harika and Honey are the brides of Dora Swamy Naidu's sons. Dora Swamy Naidu believes that a home would be peaceful if the family's sons are married to sisters, who would act peacefully by being sisters with each other. Dora Swamy Naidu's wife and his elder brother Ramaswamy Naidu's wife are sisters too. Doraswamy Naidu had previously broken his elder son's marriage with Anasuya when the latter's sister refused to marry his younger son. When Honey and Harika refused to return to Varun and Venky, they were challenged to stop the marriage. Impersonating themselves as writers willing to write a biography of Doraswamy Naidu, Venky and Varun enter his house and tried several methods to stop the marriage but their attempts are thwarted by Harika and Honey.

Frustrated as Honey and Harika get engaged, Varun and Venky get drunk and create a scene. Doraswamy Naidu had them arrested and revealed that Honey and Harika revealed the truth to him long ago. After listening to their story, Vishwanath takes Venky, Prasad, and Varun to his house and introduced them to his wife Lakshmi, with whom he shares a cordial relationship. Vishwanath lectures the trio that husbands are supposed to understand their wives, who are continuously ignored by them but still love their husbands whereas the latter always feel troubled rather. Realizing their mistakes, Venky and Varun are resolute to reconcile with their respective partners. They gatecrash Honey and Harika's Sangeet party with Anasuya, who convinced her younger sister to marry Doraswamy Naidu's younger son. However, the discussion comes to a halt when John Snow, Anasuya's brother has Doraswamy Naidu, Harika and Honey kidnapped as an act of revenge unaware of the scenario that happened.

Esther was born in a witch family in the Kingdom of Norway some time during the 10th Century. Esther had an older sister named Dahlia. It's implied that Esther was close to her mother as she would later tell her son that her mother taught her about the starling bird's tune. She was once close to her sister but they had differing outlooks and different points of view which caused them to grow apart. Despite being born from a powerful witch bloodline, Esther was not interested in the practice of magic after meeting Mikael, who swore to protect her, unlike her sister, who devoted herself to the Black Arts.

However, during her third pregnancy, Mikael temporarily left for a voyage and Dahlia asked to have Freya taken away. Esther tried to stand up for herself against Dahlia but Dahlia told her that fate decided that Esther will not have children. But they changed it and now Esther had to pay; by giving all the firstborn who will come from her bloodline (grandchild, great-grandchild, etc). Esther swore to have her magic back, to gain immense power and to make Dahlia pay for what she had done. But her sister mocked her, threatened to take all of her children, including Finn and the unborn Elijah. Dahlia took Freya away while Freya screamed for her mother. When Mikael came back, Esther told him that Freya had died from the Plague. They decided to leave their homeland to come to the New World. She gave birth to her third child Elijah but regardless, Esther was still devastated by Freya's "death". Mikael, still mourning his child's "death", became cold and estranged from his wife. At this time, Esther had met a young werewolf leader named Ansel and she fell in love with him. She began the construction of a Moonlight Ring for him. Soon, she fell pregnant with his son. However, she came back to Mikael, and forbade Ansel to be near his unborn child. She later gave birth to a son that Mikael named Niklaus and the birth helped to bring them together as a family once more. They would go on to have three other children: Kol, Rebekah and Henrik.

In Ordinary People, she appears for the first time in a flashback during the Middle Ages. To protect her children from death, she made a forbidden spell and turned all the family into vampires. Although she wanted everything to be all right, Esther had to put a curse on Klaus for suppressing his werewolf side. As revenge, she was attacked by Klaus who told his brothers that their father, Mikael, killed her.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, a flashback reveals that Esther was not an only child and in fact had a sister, Dahlia. Esther sought help from Dahlia in order to get pregnant, stating that Dahlia was more powerful than she and she could not refuse her. It appears that Esther and Dahlia made a deal, Dahlia would perform a fertility spell, however, Esther would need to sacrifice her first born and the firstborn of each generation, this appears to be the reason Esther was bent on killing Hope, to stop Dahlia's return. Later on, it is revealed that Esther had pulled Klaus' father from the Other Side before it's demise. Trying to convince Klaus' to agree with her plans, Esther confronts him in Lafayette Cemetery, Klaus violently attacks Esther, grabbing her throat and reveals that he hates her because she came after his family and daughter, he swears he will hurt her as only he can. 041b061a72

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