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Download 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) in Full HD Quality with YIFY Torrents

Turbo may be no Prince of Egypt, How to Train Your Dragon or Shrek in Dreamworks' resume, and Despicable Me 2, Monsters University, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and The Croods(marginally) were better animated films from this year. Turbo is better than Bee Movie, Shark Tale and Shrek the Third though, and from the animated films this year it's infinitely better than Sir Billi, My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Justin and the Knights of Valour, Planes and Escape from Planet Earth. Turbo is not without flaws, the film does start a little slowly, it is a little too predictable and the character of Guy Gagne is uninteresting and stereotypical. The animation is wonderful though, the colours are thrillingly eye-popping and there is so much visual detail. The 3D is excellent as well. Other selling points are the catchy and energy-filled soundtrack and a sharp, smart script that is full of funny one-liners. The story has its predictability, but it does have heart and its charm and you can hardly say it goes at a snail's pace. If anything the pacing is of the fast and furious kind, this couldn't be more apparent in the final half-hour with the exciting final race. But the final race isn't the only race sequence, all of them are immensely fun to watch(feel-of-the-wheel quality described in one review, RadioTimes I think, is apt) and some of the best racing sequences of any animated film since Cars. The characters are genuinely fine, especially Turbo and Tito, while the voice work especially from Ryan Reynolds, Michael Pena, Paul Giamatti and Samuel L. Jackson is top notch. In conclusion, worth the look and a good animated film, better than some have made out to be. 7.5/10 Bethany Cox

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"We're the Millers" is a stoner comedy, except better than that because it's written as a family comedy - well, inappropriate family comedy. Oh, and it's actually funny. All of the main and supporting actors keep bringing the jokes so you can over-look the ridiculous plot. David (Jason Sudeikis) is still a pot dealer, even though he's 20 years past college. Two teens in need of parental figures screw up his simple drug-dealing lifestyle and now he has to smuggle a load of marijuana across the border. A fake family should be the perfect cover to fool the hapless border guards. He hires the two teens and his sexy neighbour, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), who is working as a stripper, even though she's more than 20 years past college. The comedy builds slowly, but then a fake baby (let's call her Mary Jane) enters the picture and the laughs come fast and furious. Some jokes weren't as funny as they thought (their new friends' sex acts), but by this time our fake family has connected with one another and the audience, and their obvious ending can drive us towards the conclusion of the ridiculous plot. Overall, "We're the Millers" is pretty funny, and if you're watching a stoner comedy, you should be pretty forgiving of any nonsense the plot throws at you.

12 STRONG is another Middle Eastern war epic, following on from the likes of LONE SURVIVOR and 13 HOURS. This one sees a typically rugged Chris Hemsworth playing alongside an introspective Michael Shannon as the leaders of a small squad of specialist soldiers who head into Afghanistan to help fight the Taliban after 9/11. They join up with a local warlord to take part in some skirmishes in the mountains. This film's strength lies in the quality of the action sequences, which are briskly directed with a maximum of firepower and pyrotechnic effects. The explosions have never looked so real or hard-hitting. The story is simplicity in itself and the characters little more than walking heroes, but this is fast and furious viewing that delivers on its promises.

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