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The epidemiological data used in the present study is available from the UK Biobank with restrictions applied. Data were used under license and thus are not publicly available. Access to the UK Biobank data can be requested through a standard protocol ( -apply/). GWAS summary statistics used in this study can be accessed from [19]. GRCh37.p13 is downloaded from _000001405.25/. The CADD scores are downloaded from [36]. The dbscSNC scores are downloaded from [37]. The GTEx eQTL data are downloaded from [30]. The MAGMA tool can be found at [29]. The Mouse Genome Informatics database is at The MSigDB database is at [32]. The MetamorphoSys software is downloaded from the UMLS after requesting a license and signing up for a UMLS Terminology Services (UTS) account, [26]. The ExAC database is at [38]. All other data supporting the conclusions of this article are included in the main text and the additional files. All codes used for data preparations and analyses in this study are available at -Lab/ukb-multimorbidity [61].

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